Incidents By Location for the past year                            Call Data for the past 24 hours
Call Date Call NumberAgencyUnitCall TypeAddress of OccuranceDispatchedResponse Time
2/22/2018 3:47:47 PM2018-013058SQUAD 8MED1-8BSEIZURES/CONVULSIONSFORK MOUNTAIN RD, BASSETT3:48:14 PM00:03:55
2/22/2018 2:34:14 PM2018-013041COMPANY 11CO11BRUSH FIRECRAFTS LN, GLADE HILL2:34:21 PM00:25:18
2/22/2018 2:34:14 PM2018-013041COMPANY 4BRUSH 4BRUSH FIRECRAFTS LN, GLADE HILL2:40:34 PM00:00:00
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Average Response Times By Month