Incidents By Location for the past year                            Call Data for the past 24 hours
Call Date Call NumberAgencyUnitCall TypeAddress of OccuranceDispatchedResponse Time
4/28/2017 8:58:43 PM2017-025741DEPARTMENT 1DP1RESIDENTIAL FIRE ALARMOAK ST, ROCKY MOUNT8:59:03 PM00:08:04
4/28/2017 8:58:43 PM2017-025741DEPARTMENT 1WAGON 1RESIDENTIAL FIRE ALARMOAK ST, ROCKY MOUNT9:07:07 PM00:02:02
4/28/2017 7:25:39 PM2017-025728SQUAD 15M15DIABETIC COMPLICATIONSCAMPGROUND RD, WIRTZ7:26:15 PM00:11:42
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Average Response Times By Month